Everything you expect, and more

Simplee Subscriptions gives your business everything it needs to sell subscriptions, keep subscribers, and allow your customers to manage their subscriptions without any assistance.

Our Features

Included in Basic Plan

Subscription Discounts

Easily let subscribers save a percentage or fixed amount for subscribing. Offer different discounts for different frequencies

Storefront Widget

We automatically add a beautiful widget to your storefront which can be fully customized with Shopify Liquid code

Customer Portal

Our built-in portal makes it easy for your subscribers to update their subscription, whether this is shipping and billing information, product quantities, pausing and skipping orders, and more

Fixed Billing Days

If you need subscription orders to be generated on the same day every week, month, or year, we offer this feature, called anchor days, to all merchants

Cutoff Days

If you use fixed billing days, you want to prevent the initial and second order from being too close together. Cutoff days let you do exactly that!

Free Support

You have enough to worry about as a merchant offering subscriptions. We include all support free of charge – that’s one less thing to worry about

Failed Credit Card Retries

Simplee Subscriptions can automatically retry failed payments based on your rules, and either pause, cancel, or skip the failed order

Email Notifications

Our prebuilt templates make it easy to send customers custom notifications when they begin a new subscription and when their payment fails

Subscription Shipping Profiles

Create shipping rates specifically for your subscription products. This lets you offer discounted or free shipping on your subscriptions

Shopify Customer Tags

Active customers automatically get tagged in Shopify with a tag of your choice, making it easy to identify and target subscribers. This also makes it easy to work with other Shopify apps which rely on tags

Shopify Order Tags

All subscription orders automatically get tagged with a tag of your choice! This makes it easy to create unique processes around subscription orders, and makes reporting a breeze

Widget Customizations

You can easily change the color and text of your storefront widget – no coding required! You also have full control of your widget’s code if you would like something more advanced

Language Translations

Your customer portal is critical to keeping your subscribers. We make it possible to change any text on your storefront widget and your customer portal – whether you’re translating to a different language, or just tweaking some of the text to fit with your brand

Payment Gateway Support

We support several methods of payment, including Shopify Payments, PayPal Express, and Authorize.net – more will become available as Shopify allows more gateways to work with subscriptions

Multi-Currency Support

Simplee Subscriptions supports Shopify’s multi-currency out of the box! We take care of tracking exchange rates hourly and always use updated rates when making changes to subscriptions

Advanced Features

Send with Verified Domain

It’s important that emails to your subscribers are delivered – connect your domain name to our email service provider to send verified emails which won’t end up in the spam folder

0.4% Transaction Fees

We offer some of the least expensive transaction fees – don’t pay per-transaction fees or rates of 1% or greater

Free Migrations

By committing to our Advanced Plan, we will do all of the heavy lifting to get your subscribers migrated to Simplee Subscriptions at no cost to you

30 Day Free Trial

You have nothing to lose! Let our team of Shopify experts install and configure Simplee Subscriptions free of charge. You have 30 days to try it before committing.