Membership and Subscriptions apps for Shopify

Simplee Subscriptions and Simplee Memberships were built on Shopify, for Shopify. We offer a huge amount of functionality out of the box, and continue adding features weekly.


From the second you install our app, we’re here to make your recurring revenue business succeed

Use the Shopify Checkout

Simplee Subscriptions and Memberships were built to work with the Shopify Checkout. This means it will work with Shopify Payments, PayPal Express,, and you can migrate any existing customers from an existing gateway.

Customer Portal

Keep existing customers subscribed by allowing them to easily manage their subscriptions on desktop, mobile, or any other device. Our portal lets users update their products, their billing information, pause and resume their subscriptions, and so much more.

Custom Style

Our storefront widget looks great without customizations, but we will update it to match your store’s theme and color palette. We will help you make your widget feel completely seamless on your storefront.

Free Support

When you succeed, so do we! We offer free live chat every day of the week, and offer email support as well. Our expert installers will make sure that everything is running smoothly, keep an eye on your subscriptions program and suggest improvements along the way.

Free Migrations

We accept migrations from any subscriptions or memberships app

Whether you currently use ReCharge Payments, Bold Subscriptions, Bold Memberships, Recurly, CrateJoy, Chargify, ChargeBee, AAA Memberships, or any other app, you can migrate to Simplee Subscriptions or Simplee Memberships


Simplee Subscriptions Pricing


Simplee Memberships Pricing

Start for free

You have nothing to lose! Let our team of Shopify experts install and configure Simplee Subscriptions or Simplee Memberships free of charge. All apps come with a free plan or a free trial.